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Just when you thought Hasbro couldn’t possibly bring out any more roulette games, they do! And although there’s nothing particularly outstanding or new or revolutionary about this game, it does get bonus points for being called ‘Toilet Trouble’, and involving players flushing a toilet over and over like they just can’t get that monster to go down. I mean, come on, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of toilet humour?

Don’t Forget to Flush!

As the delightful image on the box shows, the idea of the game is to place your face near the toilet and flush, praying that this flush isn’t the one which causes the gush. All the while your friends are standing and laughing in the distance. Surprisingly, It’s not a situation I can honestly say I’ve ever been in before.

If you ever got dragged into a game of Pie Face then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this is all about. Each player spins the toilet roll, landing on a number which tells you how many flushes you need to hide the evidence. One of the flushes is supposed to trigger a squirt of water, aimed right into the face. That’s the idea, anyway. It doesn’t always work as planned, but it does always have the suspense.

What HAVE You Been Eating?

Toilet Trouble is designed to be played with water for a bit of nice, clean fun. But come on, where’s the fun in that? If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no reason why the water couldn’t be replaced with any other liquid… juice, vinegar, soy sauce… the kitchen cupboard is your oyster (speaking of which, oyster sauce would work pretty well). Just remember to keep your eyes tightly closed (the vinegar stings, I learnt that the hard way), and give that toilet a good scrub afterwards…no one wants to see stains.

Call the Plumber

Toilet Trouble is definitely meant to be a bit of cheap and cheerful fun, so unfortunately it’s not exactly going to be winning any awards for quality. As you’d expect, there’s a bit of cheap plastic going on here, so don’t be thinking this is going to be a game that’s passed down through the generations (probably for the best, really!). It’s more of a ‘here and now’ type of game, rather than a long lasting investment.

A Game for the Big Kids

The box says that Toilet Trouble is suitable for kids aged from 5 upwards. Suitable, yes. But we all know who’s really going to be buying this game: the big kids! Remember back in the 90’s when game nights involved a bottle of pop and a game of Cluedo and we were happy? Not anymore. Old board games still have their place, sure, but none of us can resist the suspense of these new offerings, especially one with a bit of toilet humour thrown into the mix. Silly? Absolutely. Couldn’t be sillier. Fun? You’ll wet yourself.

  • For ages 4+ and 2 or more players, this game is for all the family
  • And by all the family, I mean you’ll need parents to help assemble the thing (that’s what parents are for – right?!)
  • Oh, and provide batteries please – 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries required (demo batteries included).

What’s in the Box

  • Game Base
  • Toilet Base
  • Toilet Tank with Toilet Paper Roll Spinner
  • Toilet Bowl with Lid
  • Instructions

Toilet Trouble Game
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