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The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Deluxe Lightsaber


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Whoooossshhhhh… pwang pwang pwang… the galaxy is in trouble and it needs you, yes YOU! (and your young apprentice) to take on the dark forces and embrace the way of the Jedi.

Yes, that’s right – Star Wars is back and that means a bunch of new, exciting (and some a little meh) merch is hitting a store near you. And what’s the one thing every good Jedi needs? A Lightsaber – of course. No self-respecting Jedi would dare be without their trusted weapon of choice. And now, the BladeBuilders series has taken the Lightsaber to the next level with their own customisable brand of ass-whooping technology.

So whether you are training your future Jedi to battle a clan of Storm Troopers, take on an intergalactic warlord or fight the one and only Darth Vader, lets take a look at the latest rendition of the famous Jedi Knight sword creation from Hasbro – The Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber.


A New Day, A New Beginning

Make no mistake – this is no ordinary Lightsaber. Sure, it’s made of plastic (like many-a-Lightsaber-replica that has come before it) but unlike those other toys, this Lightsaber is customisable with over 100 combinations – if you buy all the additional Lightsaber sets.

There are nine sets in total, each representing a different character’s personalised weapon (every good Jedi knows that no one Lightsaber is the same).

The BladeBuilder I’m looking at is the Jedi Master version which I’d say is the main set as it contains a lot of the components to start building your own custom pimped-up saber. And while you and your little sidekick will have plenty of fun with this set alone, I’d suggest putting a little money aside to buy the remaining extendable Lightsabers to get the most out of the BladeBuilders range.

Not forgetting batteries! The main Lightsaber comes with batteries, but you’ll need 6 x AAA batteries for the 2 x Lightdaggers which are independently-lit. But then what experienced Jedi Master isn’t armed to the teeth with an arsenal of batteries at the ready. C’mon parents, you know the drill by now.


May The Force Be With You

Imaginative role play is definitely at the heart of this toy. This rings true for both the Master and the Apprentice. I’m no spring chicken but I had hours of fun building my own monster Lightsaber and battling the evil DARTHCATIMEOWUS.

Speaking of… parents beware – a large space is recommended to fully enjoy all the larping, swooshing and battling that will take place. War isn’t pretty, and innocent bystanders (i.e. delicate ornaments and lamps) could become unwitting casualties of friendly fire… Oppps.

Aimed at kids (kidults) aged 4 and up, each piece effortlessly twists and snaps into place without the need for brute force to form the Lightsaber design of your choice. It’s easy enough for small hands and my test subject (aged 5) manged fine. Once together, it’s pretty durable and able to withstand hours of battle training. While you are pretty much given free-reign, there are a few example combinations on the back of the box to get you started. Each illustration tells you what you need (which sets to buy basically) to create that specific weapon… well played Hasbro.


Hard To See, The Dark Side Is

The Lightsaber itself is extendable (55cm when fully extended), which can be done with a quick wrist movement (booyakasha). The blade is made from a kind of transparent coloured acrylic (blue in this case), which is strong enough for plenty of knocks. That said, overzealous children who like to play hard may need to hold back a bit so as not to damage the blade over time. The hilt is also made of plastic, and is black with silver bands around the middle and a little gold at the top.

The Lightsaber comes equipped with all the sound effects from the much awaited Star Wars film (The Force Awakens) and are basically what you’d expect from a Lightsaber replica. There are three switches on the hilt of the blade numbered 0 to 2 (0 – Off, 1 – On, 2 – Try Me) which can be used to activate the blade. The sounds start from the first moment you turn it on, triggering that notorious Lightsaber power-up sound. Move the blade around to get the classic swooshing, wave sound and turn it off to get the power-down sound. The only downside is that I was unable to trigger the clashing sound when hitting the blade, but perhaps I just wasn’t doing it right…

In addition to that, both the Lightsaber and the Lightdaggers light up with this kit. Hence the need for batteries – lots of batteries. The blue and green look really cool with the lights off, even better when you add red Kylo Ren blade – very festive.


The Force Is Strong With This One

Overall, this is a nice addition to the Star Wars merch family. Sure, we haven’t quite gotten a real light sword yet, but the fact that you can create unique (but harmless) weapons using all the Lightsabers from your favourite Star Wars characters is really fun and an interesting take on the classic replica Star Wars fans all know and love.

What’s in the Box…

Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber
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