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Wearable tech strikes again! This time in the form of a discrete, wearable video camera cleverly disguised inside a pair of sunglasses. No one will suspect a thing! Spectacles by Snap INC. transports Snapchat from the computer to the beach, the theme park, or anywhere else, without having to carry anything!


Staying True to the Roots

Staying true to the original concept of Snapchat (limited access content) the Snapchat Spectacles standard is just 10 seconds of recording time, although there is the option to extend for an additional 20 seconds if needed. The benefit of these ‘snaps’, of course, is that it’s actually very difficult to drain the battery, and this battery isn’t exactly great. For those that do find themselves draining the battery, the Snapchat Spectacles do come with a charging case, which looks a bit like a Dairylea Triangle if you ask me. Anyway, cheese aside, all video regardless of length is automatically uploaded to Snapchat Memories whenever you open the app. Connectivity is Bluetooth AND WiFi, so the choice is all yours.


Perfect for the Technologically Challenged

Snapchat Spectacles? They’re child’s play. Really. Considering that these specs are actually pretty groundbreaking in terms of wearable tech, they are a piece of cake to use. Even your grandmother who’s never sent an email in her life could use these glasses, I guarantee it. All you have to do is slip them on, and press the tiny little button above the lenses to start recording, pressing again for additional shoot time. Connecting to the app, of course, is another matter, and requires basic knowledge, but all in all it’s pretty easy. WiFi connections can be a little hit and miss, but Bluetooth seems to be relatively stable.


Safe & Secure

Feeling stealthy? Sorry, but using Snapchat Spectacles isn’t some sort of covert operation. If you’re trying to get a sneaky snap of that girl in the bikini, or that guy playing with a pile of puppies, you’re out of luck. In fact, the illuminations that take place when you hit the record button are brighter than Blackpool, meaning creepers can’t creep. Good from a safety perspective, bad from a ‘looking cool’ perspective.


Throw Your Hands in the Air…

So why are Snapchat Spectacles such a big noise? Isn’t it obvious? It’s your chance to finally go hands-free. These days, we’ve always got a camera in hand. Wouldn’t it be nice not to? This is where Spectacles by Snap comes in. Walking around Disneyland with a Star Wars churro in one hand and a kiwi mojito in the other? There’s no need to miss out on the moment, and make all your friends back home jealous. And let’s be honest here; isn’t making your friends jealous the entire point of Snapchat?!


Quality Concerns

The quality of Snapchat Spectacles… well, it’s OK. Nothing more, nothing less. And like most ‘just OK’ cameras, quality is remarkably better in daylight than it is in low lighting conditions. Frustrating? Absolutely. Expected? Definitely! You know, let’s not sugarcoat things here: Snapchat Spectacles are a gimmick first and foremost, but they’re a great gimmick. You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice a bit of camera quality for a bit of lighthearted fun, right? Of course you do. This isn’t a product to take seriously.



Spectacles by Snap are available in three different colours: black, coral, and teal. Are they a fashion statement? Well, it depends who you talk to. They’re not something I’d actively choose to wear, but I know plenty of people who would! Honestly, they’re not ‘bowling shoe’ ugly or anything, but they’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But I do have to say props to Snapchat for creating a wearable camera that’s better looking than the embarrassing Google Glass! Not that it was difficult to achieve…

But no matter whether you love the style or hate it, Snapchat have done right by their customers by making sure their lenses are ANSI Z80.3 rated, helping to prevent UV damage to the eyes. Spectacles by Snap can be worn in place of ‘real’, non-camera sunglasses without problem. Sun protection and a video camera in one nifty package? That sounds A-OK to me! As a bit of summer fun, these get two thumbs up.

What’s in the Box

Snapchat Spectacles
Usability / Connectivity77%
Video Quality61%
Sound Quality51%
Battery Life63%
67%Overall Score
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