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Click. Click. Click. Done. Like some kind of ASMR video, each well placed click sends shivers down my spine (it’s so satisfying when things just work). The Philips FC9920/69 not only looks sleek, but the parts fit together so slick, it’s like butter on toast. It’s not clunky, chunky or over engineered which surely is why Philips decided to call this 650W vacuum cleaner the PowerPro Ultimate.



The Aluminium 2-P telescopic tube uses SmartLock coupling to make putting the Philips FC9920/69 together a pleasure…


First Impressions

Straight out the box you can tell Philips have put a lot of thought into this vacuum cleaner. Everything just oozes quality; from the mat and sparkle black finish to the way the rubber wheels just glide over my tiled floors like a figure skater on ice. Each button, switch and cranny has a very clear purpose, working seamlessly together like the well-oiled machine it is… uh-hum… well, minus the oil of course.

The ‘welcome home!’ message as you open the box is also a nice little touch and dare I say a little Apple-esque. Even the way the cord tucks nicely in at the back makes me think that if Apple made vacuum cleaners, the FC9920/69 is pretty close to what they’d have in mind. Just don’t accidentally press the power cord recoil button by mistake while vacuuming (like I did). That cord retractor is very responsive! Which is good, just not when on the other side of the room. And with the cable measuring 8M long and an action radius of 11M, it goes quite a distance.




A Breath of Fresh Air

Bagless, light-weight and powerful, the PowerPro Ultimate is a cylinder vacuum cleaner that means business. Boasting both a removable HEPA 13 filtration system (to be replaced every 2 years), and a secondary (washable) motor filter, Philips claim that this vacuum will filter up to 99.95% of allergy triggers such as pet hair, pollen (chest hair?) and other nasty ghouls and particles (0.3-10 microns) contaminating the air.




And whilst I don’t have the necessary apparatus to test that for fact (nor am I that much of a pedant), I have to say the air quality whilst vacuuming seems clearer since using the Philips FC9920/69 vacuum cleaner. I don’t suffer from allergies but the dust sneezes have definitely reduced and I no longer feel the need to take breaks during the usual cleaning session due to that close and warm suffocation feeling I would get with other cleaners.

Is this due to some clever Dutch engineering, or because this vacuum cleaner is brand new? Only time will tell. Philips do however make the claim that this is an Anti-Allergen vacuum with a dust re-emission class of A, so I’m hoping for the former. Doing the necessary maintenance (washing the motor filter every one to two months and replacing the HEPA 13 every two years) certainly can’t hurt to prolong the life and performance of this vacuum cleaner either – you know, just in case.



The HEPA 13 filter helps the Philips PowerPro Ultimate pick up 99.95% of dust, earning it as a firm place as an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner.



The Philips FC9920/69 Sucks

Obviously a decent filter is only part of it. As everyone knows, suction is pretty important when it comes to vacuuming. The FC9920/69 has three settings: Furniture, Carpet and Hard Floors (such as tiles, wood and laminates) which can be changed with a simple slide of the switch found on the body of the PowerPro Ultimate. Like most vacuums, the air flow (a max of 27 l/s) can be further controlled by adjusting the vent on the handle (represented by the same symbols). In addition, there’s a switch on the standard TriActiveMax nozzle (choose between carpet or hard flooring).



Control the airflow. Choose between hard flooring, carpet or furniture… or something in between.


At 650W, it’s not (technically) the most powerful vacuum out there. However if Philips are to be believed, this vacuum “removes more dust than any 2400-W vacuum cleaner”. If you’re dubious (and I bet you are), Philips went ahead and got an external test institute to test the FC9920/69 against 10 of the bestselling 2400W vacuum cleaners in Europe to back up their claims. Whether you believe Philips or not, there’s no doubting the cleaning ability and suction of the high efficiency motor – the PowerCyclone 7 – which had been designed to minimise air resistance for effective dust pick up.

Add to that the advantage of using a lower wattage appliance (less energy consumption) and you’re onto a winner. Emitting just 26,7 kW.h/annum, the Philips FC9920/69 has definitely earned that Class A rating for energy efficiency (in the EU) as well as the Philips Green Logo. Oh, and the packaging and manual are made from recycled paper and materials too – so there’s that for extra peace of mind.



The PowerCyclone 7 is the muscle behind the Philips FC9920/69. Aerodynamically designed, it minimises air resistance using a 3 step process: Air enters through the air outlet – then accelerates upwards through the curved air-pass – dust is then cut out from the air at the top of the cyclone thanks to the exit blades.


Tried and Tested

Of course I did a few tests of my own (this is a review after all). I threw some flour on a dark tiled floor to see what this vacuum can do on the highest setting. I have to say, it performed better than I expected. Perhaps even too powerful in some instances (rugs for example). I first used the ‘TriActiveMax’ nozzle, followed by the ‘Hard Floor’ nozzle. Both did extremely well. The grout was left spotless and as most tile owners know, that’s usually a problem area.


Video coming soon...

Video coming soon…


That said, I did find there was a little residue after I turned the vacuum off. I guess there was still a little flour in the tube, as it wasn’t there when I was vacuuming or immediately after – it accumulated after. This was easily remedied though. To get rid of those last few grains of flour, I just removed the nozzle and vacuumed the attachments which completed the job. Problem solved. Flour is notorious for being difficult to vacuum (the particles are very small), so all in all I think the Philips FC9920/69 more than passed.

And after giving the entire apartment a quick going over, I have to say the flat has never looked cleaner (I can go barefoot again – yay). So far it has handled the amount of hair I seem to shed too, which can often clog and block the tubing of lesser vacuum cleaners – bravo Philips.


Music to My Ears?

All that power and you’d think there would be a lot of noise. Well, you’d be right (it’s a vacuum cleaner after-all) but at 75db (a Dyson vacuum can exceed 90db), it’s bearable (and perfectly average) especially when on the less power intensive furniture setting which is much softer. It’s certainly quieter than most other vacuums I have used in the past. Bear in mind my parents had a Vax 121 which was one beast of a machine.



The TriActiveMax noozle has 3 actions in 1. Used together with the Philips FC9920/69, the soleplate gently opens carpet for a deep clean, while the larger front opening is designed to suck up bigger particles. Not forgetting those side brushes which are perfect for skirting board, grout and other nooks and crannies.


Extra, Extra

If that wasn’t enough, the PowerPro Ultimate also comes with a few extra attachments in addition to the main TriActiveMax nozzle (which can handle both carpet and hard flooring):

  • The Hard Floor Nozzle which I mention above.
  • The 2-in-1 Brush with small nozzle which I tested out on both my laptop’s keyboard (with the brush) and my sofa (without the brush) on the furniture setting. Both worked really well – no more crumbs down those nooks and crannies.
  • The Crevice Tool, which like the Hard Floor nozzle is pretty self-explanatory. It’s good for getting down the back of the sofa.

While I see myself mainly using the standard TriActiveMax and 2-in-1 brush, it is handy having options for those hard to reach places when I want a more intensive clean.

Each attachment connects quite easily and feels pretty sturdy. I’d say the only flimsiness I felt when using this vacuum cleaner is the aluminium 2-P telescopic tube.

Okay, perhaps flimsy is the wrong word (it’s definitely not going to break), but there is a slight wobble (albeit very minor) when it’s fully extended. I can live with it, but it is a shame when you think how well everything else just melds together. The SmartLock tube coupling for instance is so simple yet effective (and oh so satisfying). That said, the flexi-tubing is quite long and I’m only 5ft2. So unless I’m trying to reach the top of the wardrobe, I don’t really need the telescopic tube fully extended.


In the Bag

Removal of dust is also a breeze thanks to the Philips PowerPro Ultimate’s bagless system. This is my first bagless vacuum and I’m wondering why I never used one before.

Apart from the obvious (no longer needing to hunt for vacuum bags that are the right size), it’s also easier to judge when it’s full or to see if I’ve accidentally vacuumed something I shouldn’t have (and retrieve it). Not only does no bags mean money saved, but I’m guessing it is also more environmentally friendly as I no longer have to dispose of anything other than useless dust, hair or whatever else I’ve vacuumed.




Indubitably there are some downsides to going bagless. Compared to most bagged vacuums (which range from 3-9L), the Philips FC9920/69 has a much smaller dust capacity at just 2.2L. This however is common with most bagless cylinder vacuums which can have a capacity as low as 1L. So in its class, it’s actually a smidge above average. Personally I think 2.2L is more than enough, especially given how easy it is to just tip your dust into a bin and get back to vacuuming. For those who have pets (or a very hairy partner) however, this might be something to consider. You just have to decide what’s more important: cleaning power or capacity?

Typically, emptying a bagless vacuum can also lead to greater dust clouds (not great for allergy sufferers) compared to removing a bag. Philips have thought of this however. Using NanoClean technology, dust settles at the bottom of the bucket and therefore reducing the risk of a dust cloud. For the most part this works, assuming you don’t make the same mistake as me. I foolishly pressed the open button lever when removing the dust bucket. It was at an angle, so there was a bit of spillage but had this been another vacuum (without NanoClean), the result could have been much worse – oops. Once I got over that mishap however, it was plain sailing from there thanks to the ergonomic design of the spout on the bucket. And any residue that was on top, stayed there – no cloud or sneezing fit. If you find any left over dust, it’s easy enough to clean. Just use a damp sponge and let it dry before reusing.




Too Much To Handle?

I know what you’re thinking… it’s a vacuum cleaner – what’s the big deal. But for anyone who has kids, pets, a hairy significant other (or have ever had to use a broom) a vacuum is an essential piece of household kit.

Ultimately, I really like how the Philips FC9920/69 looks (who doesn’t like black). At 506 x 310 x 317mm it’s not the smallest vacuum to store away but weighing just 6.2KG, it’s still light-weight enough to pick up and vacuum those pesky stairs. It also moves effortlessly around corners, furniture and other obstacles. The SmartLock system on the appendages work great and the cord pulls out and retracts easily – all at a press of a button. For me, 2.2L is a large enough capacity and the ability to control the suction and use the vacuum on a multitude of surfaces (from my floor, to my sofa and my laptop keyboard) is super convenient. Not forgetting that bagless NanoClean system.

If anything, this vacuum cleaner is perhaps a little overkill for my tiled floor. I don’t have kids, pets or a massive house but I do enjoy a clean home and that’s definitely what you get after using the Philips PowerPro Ultimate. The whole apartment just feels cleaner and healthier – what more could you want?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Philips FC9920/69 PowerPro Ultimate Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner as part of the Amazon Associates Program in return for my honest review. All opinions and words are my own.

  • At 50.6cm x 31.0cm x 31.7cm, the Philips FC9920/69 isn’t the smallest vacuum.
  • But at just 6.2kg, this cyclinder vacuum cleaner is extremely portable.
  • Largely thanks to those rubber wheels which simply glide over a variety of floor types.
  • Not forgetting the 2 x carrying handles (top and front) – great for getting up stairs.
  • That 8m cable with a 11m action radius doesn’t hurt either.
  • Worried about having to tidy up that long cable? Don’t. The FC9920/69 has a super responsive cable recoil button – handy.
  • The build quality of this vacuum is unquestionable. SmartLock tube coupling allows quick assembly.
  • While the Aluminium 2-P telescopic tube lets you reach those hard to reach places.
  • In addition to the TriActiveMax nozzle, the FC9920/69 comes with a Hard floor nozzle, 2-in-1 brush/small nozzle and Crevice tool.
  • Each of these can be attached to the vacuum for easy storage – place your vacuum either vertical or horizontal.
  • Of course a vacuum is nothing without power and the PowerCylone 7 delivers on that and then some out performing even some of the EU’s most popular 2400W vacuums.
  • 650W may not seem like much, but with a 27l/s max airflow, 17kPa suction and 3x power settings this is one mighty vacuum cleaner.
  • Pair that with a HEPA 13 filtration system and a secondary lifetime washable filter and you’re onto a winner.
  • Unlike some bagless vacuums, the Philips FC9920/69 has a capacity of 2.2L. Plenty considering there’s no fiddly bags to deal with.
  • And NanoClean technology means no more dust cloud when emptying your vacuum.
  • All of this has earned the PowerPro Ultimate a cleaning class of C for Carpets, A for Hard Flooring and a Class A for Dust Re-Emission and Energy Efficiency.

What’s in the Box

  • Philips FC9920/69 PowerPro Ultimate Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
  • TriActiveMax Nozzle
  • Hard Floor Nozzle
  • 2-in-1 Nozzle

Philips FC9920/69 PowerPro Ultimate
Bagless, light-weight and powerful, the PowerPro Ultimate is a cylinder vacuum cleaner that means business.
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