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Ready, Set, Get Wet! The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is the seafaring equivalent of the original land cruiser, the Paw Patroller. Impressively large like its predecessor, this amphibious vehicle provides young Paw Patrol fans (and even old Paw Patrol fans, if that’s your thing) with the very best the land and sea have to offer. However, as a battery-operated, non-water safe toy, you’re going to need quite the imagination!

Let’s Dive In

Unboxing won’t take too long, which is good news for parents who hate the 4 hours of assembly that usually accompanies today’s ever-expanding playsets. In fact, the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is all ready to go. As well as the cool all-terrain vehicle, you also get Ryder and his ATV, raring to go whenever a pup yelps for help. But that’s about it. There’s actually space for another vehicle inside the Sea Patroller, and there’s also a landing pad for Skye’s helicopter, but of course these need to be bought separately. The problem is, once you’re in, you’re hooked… you may want to wave goodbye to your bank balance!

There is, however, a purple baby octopus included in the set. It’s cute and all (we’re taking cute to the point where this little guy now takes pride of place on top of my computer monitor), but most kids will probably argue that it’s not a good enough substitute for an actual member of the Paw Patrol gang.

Ready for Action, Ryder, Sir!

The Paw Patroller Sea Patroller is somewhat interactive, although notably lacks automated elements to make it safe and fun for even the tiniest of Paw Patrol fans. Younger kids will undoubtedly be thrilled, older kids may be expecting more. For kids with a vivid imagination, however, there’s plenty to do. The exploration platform, removable anchor, life ring launcher (who doesn’t love small pieces of plastic being thrown around the room?), flashing lights, and sounds are enough to keep the little ones entertained.

Holding Up Nicely

Plastic? Yes. But cheap plastic this is not. Believe me, I’ve tried out some of Marshall’s famous Pup-Fu moves on the Sea Patroller, and this thing won’t waive. Good on you, Spin Master. Spin Master always do pretty good quality stuff, and this is no different. Unlike many modern toys, this is designed to last; a feature which helps to justify the price tag which is definitely towards the higher end of the spectrum.

Final Thoughts

It’s not perfect but there has been a marked improvement on the original Paw Patroller, so if you were put off by the somewhat disappointing Paw Patroller in the past, do give this a try. Come on, don’t be shy. While the Paw Patroller was essentially a glorified storage box (harsh but true!) the Sea Patroller actually succeeds in being a toy, and it’s a toy that doesn’t need the entire gang to be present to be fun. You might want to hide the octopus, though, and keep him for yourself. Say he must have got lost at sea.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Large Vehicle
  • 1 x Small Vehicle
  • 2 x Figures
  • 2 x Lifesavers
  • 1 x Detachable Anchor

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller
64%Overall Score
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