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Ever look at your pet’s cleaning habits and think… ey, I want in on that! Well you’re in luck. Cat ladies and gentlemen (you know you love cats too) everywhere rejoice! The good and rather eccentric people at PDX Pet Design have created the perfect grooming tool for all you kooky cat lovers – The Licki Brush.

That’s right. Now you can take your rightful place as the head of the clowder! Become the ultimate mamma cat and clean your ever growing feline brood with this soft silicone brush, designed to soothe, groom and massage your cats with love and er, pride without getting a mouthful of fur in the process. But does this cat brush really work, or is the Licki Brush simply a gag gift gone too far?


Top Cat

Made from high quality (food-grade) rubber silicone, the Licki Brush allows you to groom your cat like a, well… cat. Just stick this artificial tongue in your mouth-hole, bite down and lick. In all it’s quite a simple concept however, for small mouths (like mine) it can be a little awkward to use. This bright pink cat brush is massive! And heaven knows why you would want it to glow in the dark!? Because that’s now an option folks.


Bonding – Lickity Split

That said, grooming wise the Licki is a descent cat brush. The silicone spikes (there’s bristles on both sides) remove loose fur with ease and the Licki does a better job than most other leading products in the market. Plus it’s easy to wash and reuse. Most importantly Sheba (cat one of two) actually enjoyed it. Will it improve my already tight bond with her though? Only time will tell – usually the giving of food does the job. I’m on the fence. Bonding is meant to be the big draw of this product. Without it, the Licki is just another cat brush.

But of course (as any cat owner will tell you) no two cats are alike. Simba (cat two of two) wasn’t quite so impressed. He looked at me rather befuddled like I’d lost my damn mind (silly human) before going full feral on my ass by paw-slapping me back into line and running off to safety – his cardboard box (cats are great aren’t they).


Warning: Can Damage Relationships!

Does it defeat the object if I just use it by hand? Perhaps. But this might be the way forward if I’m going to continue using the Licki Brush. Or, maybe I just need some more practice to strengthen my, I guess, mouth muscles. After my less than pleasant experience with Simba though, I’m not entirely convinced this form of “social bonding” is for me. Not only is the weight and angle of the Licki going to take a bit of getting used to, but I’m not my partner will ever take me seriously again. This is definitely not a product for use around other humans – you will be judged! But if you’re looking for the puurrrfect gift for your fellow cat lover, then this is great.


Crowdfunded For The People, By The People

And while it might not be for me, it would seem I’m in the minority (maybe I just don’t like cats as much as I thought), as the Licki Brush is possible thanks to its crowdfunded KickStarter campaign. 2022 cat people have spoken and they say Meaow-YAY! By raising an impressive 52,179USD (that’s approx. 38,656GBP). So obviously there is a market for this quirky grooming tool.

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Licki Brush
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