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Ever wanted a walking, talking, swinging bird that doesn’t smell or spread bird seed everywhere? Well, now is your chance with the Little Live Pets Clever Keet!

Advertised as the ‘smartest bird in the world’ this interactive toy is great for kids that want pets but their parents won’t let them and for parents that want pets that don’t make mess or fart.

In a world where everything is interactive, of course you need an interactive pet bird. And if you’re in the market for one, then Clever Keet is probably the best you will find. He’s certainly more advanced than the parrot toy I had as a young lady, which was fixed to a plastic log and simply repeated what you said while flapping its wings. While Clever Keet can also repeat what you say, it’s more random (which can take you off guard at times) and therefore natural – the sound quality being much more up to todays standards. He is also much more mobile and not covered in faux fur. In fact, Clever Keet is almost entirely bald (well plastic), which means no tufts of red and blue fur everywhere.


The Coolest Bird in Town

Though the makers go on about how clever the IR technology and interactive play is in this toy bird is, what they fail to mention is how cool he is.

The Mohawk hair style cut that this bird is swinging is something that would make most punks bust a gut to grow. And what other bird do you know that has their own personal cart!

With a bird looking this good, it’s no wonder he’s a bit vain. Just put him in front of his mirror and he looks at himself for hours. He sings and dances and even talks to himself when he can ‘see’ his reflection. But being the only bird with his own private playground, his ego is pretty huge. Clever Keet even dances along to your own music – can you really say a real bird would do that?


He Really Does Move

As opposed to other so called interactive toys that only move when the mechanisms inside the play set push them around, in the case of Clever Keet the motion all comes from him. Sit him on the swing and he will actually provide the momentum to make it move. And when he’s perched on his cart it is his own force the makes it go forward. This means there are far more opportunities for interaction with the bird and far greater opportunities for play.

And don’t forget that this bird can talk. He already comes with his own pool of vocabulary built into the memory unit. But he can also take on words of phrases that you say, mixing them up to make his own hilarious sayings.


No Fowl Here

Little Live Pets have been chirping on about Clever Keet for months, saying he takes interactive pets to a whole new level, and it definitely takes game play to a place I never thought it would go.

This bird actually feels like a real bird should feel, and when you stroke him on his front or his back, the interaction intensifies.

The off button is perfect for when you don’t want him chirping all night – and you can take him on holiday even if no pets are allowed (just don’t lose him).

Frankly, at a time when we spend too much cash on our houses for them to be messed up by little animals running around the house, Clever Keet is the ideal alternative.

No, he isn’t going to build your child’s empathy for other living beings, or make them understand the responsibility of having a pet like a normal bird would. But then there aren’t feathers scattered all over the floor either. Clever Keet is just a whole lot of feathery fun.

What’s in the Box…

Little Live Pets - Clever Keet
Little Live Pets Clever Keet paves the way for a new age of mess free, smell free pets that all come with every interactive function you could possibly want.
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