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Much like washing the dishes, cleaning the windows (and everyone’s favorite) the ironing, mowing the lawn is a necessary evil (if you’re lucky enough to have a garden that is). It’s either that, or embrace your new title as the weird cat lady (or gent) of the street, followed by the inevitable lifetime of giggly little snotty nosed school kids playing knock down ginger, starring (you guessed it) your front door – that’s if they can find it of course (hmmm, maybe long grass isn’t such a bad idea after-all).

But then lawnmowing doesn’t have to be a chore (just ask Mark Wahlberg in Pain & Gain). Not if you have the right piece of kit anyway. And as lawnmowers go, the Bosch Rotak 40 seems to fit the bill. The smell of freshly cut grass is rather pleasant after-all.

So what exactly makes this electric rotary lawnmower standout from the crowd? Lets take a look at the lawnmower on everyone’s lips – the Bosch Rotak 40.


A Slow Start But A Fast Finish

The speed of this lawnmower is incredible. You can practically hear the 1700 Watt Hi-Torque motor purring as you push it ground the grass. And we all like to have a bit of power between our hands now and again don’t we.

This baby can mount hard tufts just as easily as she cuts through the main lawn. And it all has a finish that even your Mother would be proud of.

I have to admit assembly was a bit trickier than I ever imagined a lawnmower could be, mainly because it was quite fiddly to get all the attachments lined up. But with a bit of tweaking, it ended up slotting into place nicely. And now it can cut through almost anything.


Now I Know Why They Say Gardening Is Exercise

My only real niggle (other than not being able to ride about on it like a scene from Mad Max), is that it it can’t empty the collection bin on its own.

With every cut from the super-efficient high speed steel blade comes more and more waste. Which means more trips to empty the collection bin than I have ever known before. But then I guess that means the Rotak 40 is doing its job!

Yes, you can commend this Bosch lawnmower for having a really efficient waste collection system that leaves less residue on the grass. Or you could say that the bin is significantly larger ensuring even greater containment. But what I say is that I go to the compost heap over and over again with the Rotak 40 and the bin still seems to fill up some more.

Even when the grass is wet this Bosch lawnmower offers a fabulous finish. But with wet grass also comes even heavier loads which, frankly, my grandma would not be able to handle (it’s not called a chore for nothing).

But the Bosch Rotak 40 will leave your grass looking better (and perhaps you a little trimmer) and that’s what you want from a lawnmower.


She Corners Likes She’s On Wheels – Which She Is

Considering the power in the Rotak 40, this lean mean mowing machine is really easy to manoeuvre.

She feels quite a lot lighter than she actually is. And when you want to get into hard to reach corners the Rotak 40 is definitely going to be on your side.

The combination of a small back wheel and oversized handles offers great control, no matter what kind of ground you’ve got.

I wouldn’t want to go pushing this lawnmower up any steep hills. But even if you have a few lumps and bumps in your greenery, this mower takes care of them all.


A Lawn Nazi’s Wet Dream

If you lie awake at night considering the gradient of your growth, or you dream of super thick velvet lawns, the Rotak 40 can provide thanks to the multi-functional levelling system.

No more battling with puny little levers that have very little impact. This is a real mowing enthusiasts dream machine. That said, everyone with a lawn should have one of these.

Overall, this piece of horticultural wizardry offers everything from putting green beauty through to a bit of rough on the sides, really making you feel like you’re getting exceptional value for money every time you mow.

  • With a 1700 Watt Hi-torque ‘PowerDrive’ motor, running 3600 rpm the Rotak 40 is a beast of a lawnmower.
  • While the innovative grass combs ensure you get no strips of grass leftbehind.
  • And if you like your lawn a specific length, you have 10 different heights (20-70mm) to choose from, all with one handle.
  • Although powerful, this electric rotary lawnmower is light too, weighing just 15kg.
  • Not forgetting the 15m cable which means you won’t be restricted – great for large lawns.
  • The Bosch Rotak 40 also comes with a rather handy 50 Litre grassbox to save you time (and your back).


What’s in the Box…

  • Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Lawnmower
  • Grassbox

Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex
When you want power in your mower and a finish that makes you feel like a pro, the Bosch Rotak 40 is where it is at.
Cutting Power95%
87%Overall Score
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